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Welcome to Red Planet Marketing Ltd: Currently expanding throughout London, the West Midlands and the North West, we are one of the fastest growing sales and marketing companies in the UK. We serve our clients by helping them deliver exciting marketing and sales campaigns for local and national clients through the use of our unique approach.

Red Planet Marketing works with a growing team of successful people, who deliver a quality service for the clients we represent. We are currently looking for new people to develop in opportunities from product training through to our Business Development Program. We are currently looking for ambitious and goal driven individuals who enjoy challenges and success. If you are looking for a stimulating and rewarding career in a fun environment, then you will be excited by the opportunities available at Red Planet Marketing. If you are looking to make your way in the world and find success, then visit our Red Planet Marketing recruitment page and forward your personal information, using the form on this website.




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If all you want out of life is a job, then that's what you will get ... if you are looking to make something out of your life: start here!

Sales and Marketing Jobs in London exist, but most of them lead to a dead end. If you are looking for a challenge and a real business opportunity... send us some details so we can talk with you.

We have full time positions available now in London, Birmingham and Liverpool. You can Apply Online.


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