The Team

Mars Cowley – Vice President, Appco Group

New Zealand native Mars joined the business back in 1998. She arrived in the UK in 1996 as a backpacker and found herself needing money to fund her travels and the rest, as they say, is history.

Mars joined the business in London under the leadership of Vice President Simon Murphy and after just 18 months, in January 2000, she opened her own office.

Her success continued with a promotion to Organisational Head two years later and in 2013, Mars received her well-earned promotion to Vice Presidency.

Mars heads up an impressive organisation that spans Holland and the UK, and she has plans to expand extensively throughout Europe in the next two to three years.

Chris Thompson

After taking 11 months to complete the 5 stage development program I was Promoted to owner/partner in London where I have been given the opportunity to achieve not only financial but expansion goals with the support of my promoting owner and organisation.

2012 was a fantastic year as we have grown in size by 100% within 6 months. In the next 12 months we have expanded within our current clients to 3 cities and is also involved with the sports division. 2014 will be a fantastic and very exciting year as an organisation.

Andrew Fairclough

Before applying for the Sales Assistant role I worked in construction and realised there was no room for me to grow and progress. In 2010 I had my first interview with this company and it all seemed too good to be true. Come in every day, make sales, build a team and open up my very own office. However, three years down the line I have successfully built my team and have opened up my own office in Middlesbrough. I look to further expand in my location and open up more offices within the UK.

Claudia Robins – Administrator at Red Planet Marketing